My Head is a Radio

There Will Be Blood

I went to watch a big orchestra with about 100 people, and they had a program and some of the songs that were in the orchestra were made by Johnny Greenwood who is in Radiohead. And the orchestra I watched was from “There Will Be Blood”, a movie about oil. Not the oil you use for food, the oil you dig up from underground and they use these giant pump tube things to get it. So I used one of the programs, which had a picture of Johnny Greenwood, and drew a radio on his head. The knob that I drew adjusts how loud it is, one of the buttons makes the disc come out so you can put new discs in it, another of the buttons changes what song you’re on, another of the buttons makes it so that you can make it so you can tune it and the other one makes it off and on. I used a mechanical pencil with 0.5 lead, but not the metal lead.

The orchestra had very dramatic music. It started at 8 o’clock. It went for an hour and thirty minutes. Which means it ended at nine thirty.

The music that I just put in is not all of the music from the orchestra some of the orchestra was There Will Be Blood, some of it was from The Shining, a more popular film the Shining is.

Oooooooooooh, amazing!!! Some more music!!!!!! This time it’s some of the music from The Shining, the music I was just talking about! There will be weird bits of music.

Ooooooh, now I remember! There was another bit!! Called The Red Violin!! And I just put that video on it. Cool?

Oooooooooh!!!! Now I remember! There was another bit as well!! There was also Edgar Varèse’s Déserts! There was a video that went with the video I just posted up and the video was made by Bill Viola but I couldn’t find it on youtube.

And there was in intermission that went for twenty minutes. I spent ten minutes sitting in my seat. And the place that had it was in the city. And there was a round window!!! And the room was especially built for music to echo and bounce off the walls.

Melbourne Recital Centre

And it was called The Recital Centre, well The Melbourne Recital Centre. And that picture I just posted up that’s the Melbourne Recital Centre diagonal. I’m going to put a video of inside the Recital Centre.

I really liked the show! It was AMAZING!!!!!!! As you can see from most of the music from it. It’s a quite amazing show and very dramatic. It was, like, A M A Z I N G ! ! ! It was just amazing. The show just had, like, so many features.

And I’m going to post a Radiohead film clip. A very weird one.

Update Flickr

update flickr
I’ve updated my Flickr account. The stuff I’ve updated with is not digital. I’ve been using Fomapan 400 film — it’s black and white, or if you do it backwards white and black. There are all different shots, even ones that are connected together. Double exposures make them connected together? Yes! Isn’t that cool, or even awesome?


Finished Viper
Tania is one of my favourite artists and also a friend. She gave me some of her artwork because I swapped some of my artwork and a sheet of nori. And one of them is this “Unfinished Viper”, which is the snake that has some scales missing. And the other one is the “Finished Viper”. And then the other one is “The Rooster”. And the rooster and the snake and the other snake were all made on the computer then Tania printed them out and gave them to me. And then I scanned them and I also scanned Boy Wolf and put them in a folder and put them on my website, including Boy Wolf. Boy Wolf is a brand. But anyway, Tania made some Boy Wolf too, and also paintings, and colour-ins, and drawings, and sculptures, and stuff on the computer (like the stuff I’m reviewing), and she takes photographs, writes comics (well, I write comics too and maybe that’s why she writes comics), She’s also the person I borrow the light box off to make comics, and she is like amazing at taking Kodak Portra 800 film.

Based on the Chinese zodiac, Tania’s computer work is amazing. I haven’t got all of them yet. I’ve only got three parts of it. No actually I have four parts of it but I haven’t uploaded everything. The Chinese zodiac is this circle with twelve animals on it. I first thought it was nine animals.

Boy Wolf

Boy Wolf

My dad printed these kind of colour-ins, but they weren’t really colour-ins ’cause you got to draw their face. It turned into a big club. Drawing club. We sometimes have it, and we also have special editions like at the museum and stuff. One of them, well two of them, were like these bloody kind of zombies that had blood dripping out of their face. Two of them were superheroes, the kind of green one and the orangey red. And then there were two that were on fire! But we already talked about one, that was one of the zombie ones on fire. And then there were two with cross bones, but just so you know, we already talked about one of the ones with cross bones. It was one of the ones on fire. And dad made some.

Claymation drawing rough outline

Claymation drawing rough outline

Claymation is a kind of way to make movies and TV shows. But I am making a movie AND a TV show but the TV show isn’t claymation. This is just a rough idea of the claymation. The character in the drawing is one of the carnivorous plants that eats flies and poos out rainbows. But I don’t have enough clay for the rainbows yet. The end of subject.

The Skeleton of Death

The Skeleton of Death

The Skeleton of Death is not the creepiest of the pictures that I am uploading. I have been drawing a lot lately and the The Skeleton of Death is one of them. Some of them are unique and some are to do with a video game called Ape Escape.



Valley girl has a dumpster and she treats it really good. She puts lots of garbage in it for the dumpster’s dinner. Then he says, “thank you” and eats it all up.

Do you know why I haven’t been uploading many stuff on my website? Cause I have been going on adventures, splitting my face open, playing video games and having heaps of fun. Oh, and school.

Mad scientist’s potion lab

Mad scientist's potion lab

Mad scientist loves his potion lab.

Werewolf loves flower flag

Werewolf loves flower flag

Werewolf is in love with his flower flag. He doesn’t leave it there, he can’t help himself just staring at it!

Gnome’s big gold dig site

Gnome's big gold dig site

People mining gold. They are having fun.

2 Planes

Speedy Plane

The black one if also known as speedy plane. The black one also has waiter sitting in it.

Well, the other one has a rotor. Well, the other one also has Scribble Face Cop from The Lego Movie (also known as Bad Cop) and scientist (from the science lab) going overseas. On the rotor it has a car door block (also known as Lego piece). And the rotor on the other one can actually spin. Oh, I forgot… The ‘Lego thing’ (also known as the other one of the plane), it has a rotor that can spin. Isn’t it cool? I think so, but if you want you can leave your answer in the comments. It was really hard to build this, but the efforts made it good.


I will be reading your comments about how you like about the rotor, if you like how it can spin.



I haven’t been working on the website lately. I’ve been updating my Flickr. Now I have a Flickr. Here is a link for my Flickr. What Flickr is, is a place where, on the computer where, you can update your favourite pictures for other photographers to see.


Melbourne Now


This is two picture that are very lovely because they are really good art. I reckon they are really good art. That is why I took pictures. They are from Melbourne Now.

I really like a dance floor that was one of the art and the lane way that goes forever and lights writing. The bit with lots of colours on the picture is Light Writing. The ‘B’ in it is a bit of light writing, ’cause I didn’t take a picture, so I did it.

Melbourne Now

The Arctic


VCA Masters Show

This video is a smashing can. This was at a VCA exhibition. I got to turn the cans on the time before the video.

There were other photos and other videos. I filmed them at different times, but I filmed them at the same night. Ummmm, I think it was Monday. Yes it was Monday! There were only like four garbage bins there.

Title Title Title Title

"Ocean View"

My art is a person with chicken pox. The photos are from Smash and Grab arrrrrrrr. Shiver me timbers! Hoist the main sail! Swab the deck! If you know any other words pirates say, please leave them in the comments. Thanks! There is an art producer named Shaun Tan and his one was next to my “No Sign”.

"No Sign"
"Ocean View" but very far!
"Guy with Chicken Pox"
"Guy with Chicken Pox"