Sticky Zine Fair 2018!!!

I’m in the Sticky Zine Fair 2018! Next week I’ll be selling my *new books at the Sticky Zine Fair 2018! I can’t believe my luck! I got a table. So I’ll see you there. I’m gonna have 4 books on sale. 3 new books and 1 from 2016. The photobook of an adventure is the 2016 book.
*I have 3 new books coming out for the first time ever at the fair. (I’ll do a post right after this one about the books.)

The fair is at the Melbourne town hall. Hope to see you there. Enjoy!

PS. Just in case you didn’t know the Zine Fair goes from 12pm-5pm 11th February.

NGV bookfair 2017

Back in 2017, I had a table at a book fair to sell my new photobook at the time, The Photobook of an Adventure. (if you want to buy this book go under books at the top there is my book (Costs $8.00 if you’re in Australia. cost $10 if outside Australia)
So I had a table at the NGV book fair it was great. maybe you were there? maybe not?
I’m in another book fair too soon at sticky.

Amy Woodward exhibition

In 2016 I went to an exhibition at Tinning Street by Amy Woodward, a photographer who wants to show her telent to the world. Man, she has some awesome masterpieces. Here are some of the masterpieces and also a portrait of her who shot amazing works of art.

Amy Woodward
Amy Woodward
Amy Woodward

An interview was made on the series of photographs that you have just seen in the pictures. I recommend that you read it on the link in the writing.

You can preorder books

I have a new photobook and if anyone would like to preorder it before it is released so their name is on the list of preorder people, they can. If you want to preorder go into the contact section and contact me with your name and email address. My photobook is going to be $7.50.

My photobook is called… THE PHOTOBOOK OF AN ADVENTURE. And this is the cover of the book:

I made it all myself with no help from Shea Kirk this time, although he did teach me how to do InDesign. It’s all shot on film and it is about an adventure I had in Beech Forest and I took some photos there and put them into a book so the world can see them.

**Update: you can order books online here**


IPF is a photography festival and is very GOOD for photographers like me. I’m really, really lucky because two of my photos got into the exhibition. These are the two photos that got in: the bath in the forest

a waterfall

I’m also lucky because one of my photos sold. It is titled “The bath in the forest.” The A4 photos sell for $70 and the A3 photos sell for $130. The size of the print was A3 so it sold for $130!!! It will help with the printing of my new photo-book.

The opening happened on the 12th of November.

I was in the exhibition last year too. This year there were 300 more people that IPF had ever had. “THAT’S A LOT!!!” This year I had trouble just getting to my photo because there were so many people they just blocked the way! Exactly 561 photos are in the exhibition.


You can vote for two photos in the exhibition because there’s a people’s choice award. To vote go there and get the voting sheet. Fill the voting sheet with the photo’s number. For instance my two photos that got in are number 82 and 83. On the sheet write in the first choice the one you like most, and in the second one the one you like second. There is another award that has already been announced it is called the judge’s choice award. This year the prize is an opportunity to be in another exhibition, it is a solo show and it is all to yourself. By “yourself” I mean the person who won. The end.

See you there!

Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan is an artist that I really like. I’ve actually met him before at an exhibition not that long ago. He is a very nice guy. You might have heard of him. He makes books and other kinds of artwork like painting where you use a shirt. Lots of weird stuff when it comes to Shaun Tan.
The Lost Thing
This is the cover for a book that was a big hit when a movie was released copying the drawings of his book, it’s called the Lost Thing. They do very good describing in it like this from the book: “we came to a dark grey building with no windows”. That is a very good part of the book, it hits my mind every time I think of it.

Shaun Tan makes other books. He made one I am quite fond of, it’s called “Eric” and I’m about to show you the cover of Eric and this is it:
Eric is a book about a little monster guy who comes to visit, and the lost thing is about a thing that feels like it’s lost.

He has lots of exhibitions and that is how I met him. The exhibition that I met him at was one about landscape paintings that he made. It was landscapes all around Brunswick, Victoria. He has a website so you can see his stuff on that:

There was an exhibition at No Vacancy. It was Shaun Tan’s. The exhibition was called the Singing Bones. A very good one with sculptures made by him. He likes drawing monsters and stuff, you know what I mean? At the exhibition you could make clay sculptures on a table. I made a volcano, Shea made a volcano, a monster holding a burger that was drooling because of how excited it was and a white cat with deep eyes and a fish. My volcano had lava dripping off the table. All of the artworks that we made had stuff dripping off the table.

Shaun Tan has another website. This one he posts stuff like everyday! And this is the link: It’s a very cool blog.

I traded some artwork with him and this what it looks like:
Shaun Tan autograph

Shaun Tan made a really good book called Tales from Suburbia which has little short stories including Eric and Broken Toys, another of his stories, a matter of a fact, a really good one indeed. I’m about to post in the cover:
outer suburbia

This is Shaun Tan’s about me on his website:

“Shaun Tan grew up in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. In school he became known as the ‘good drawer’ which partly compensated for always being the shortest kid in every class. He graduated from the University of WA in 1995 with joint honours in Fine Arts and English Literature, and currently works as an artist and author in Melbourne.

Shaun began drawing and painting images for science fiction and horror stories in small-press magazines as a teenager, and has since become best known for illustrated books that deal with social, political and historical subjects through surreal, dream-like imagery. The Rabbits, The Red Tree, Tales from Outer Suburbia, Rules of Summer and the acclaimed wordless novel The Arrival have been widely translated and enjoyed by readers of all ages. Shaun has also worked as a theatre designer, a concept artist for animated films including Pixar’s WALL-E, and directed the Academy Award-winning short film The Lost Thing with Passion Pictures Australia. In 2011 he received the presitgious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, honouring his contribution to international children’s literature.”

And this is the end of part 1 of Shaun Tan. Stay in tune with BlytheHamlinKirk.COM to see part 2.


Drawing by Shea

Shea Kirk is an artist making heaps of artworks including that video I posted below. The video is of Shea Kirk tattooing a lemon writing “Sorry Mum”. The drawing I used for the head piece is a drawing Shea Kirk did. It’s of a girl holding a frog that is dropping coins and flesh. Just so you know, in Shea Kirk’s drawings he normally hides this little face. It’s a rectangle that goes up and then two circles as eyes then a line as a mouth, then little lines going across the mouth and there is an exclamation mark above it! Find him!! Can I tell you why the coins are gold? It’s because he put gold leaf on it and the original artwork didn’t have gold leaf on it. They’re for sale.

Sorry Mum

Sorry Mum

Pinhole camera

Pinhole camera (Tania)

Pinhole camera (Shea)

Shea Kirk made this very odd pinhole camera. It’s odd because he used a piece of paper on it that had a man’s face and he put this triangle hole in his head. That is so you can lift another piece of paper up and take a photo. And it sort of looks like it’s what he is thinking. And pinhole camera Tania and pinhole camera Shea, well, if you read the post on Tania, you would know that she is the artist from that post. Now Shea, he is the same person that I am reviewing right now. It’s a selfie of him. The pinhole camera is made of #tape #film canisters #piece of plastic a #bolt #matchbox.


Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death

Sunshine, Lollipops + Death is an exhibition that Shea Kirk was in. His artwork is a lolly slingshot. He used these things to make it #bicycle inner tube #candy #expanding foam #silicone a cut out from a #football a #stick #lead #lego blocks more #silicone and that’s it. Why did he use lead? It’s a poison metal, it can especially cause harm when devoured or swallowed or if you breathe in lead dust. But why did he use the lead? Because he was making, well, more like casting lead lego blocks. You’re meant to imagine like the slingshot shoots the lead lego blocks. But only imagine. You might have gone to this exhibition. Or maybe you haven’t? Well sorry but you can’t go anymore it happened before I started making this post. You probably saw the pictures above. One of them was boiling lollies, well, making lollies. Another of them was a close up of lead lego just after it had been cast. Another of the photos is the prototype of the slingshot, it’s the candy in the moulds. It’s a prototype because we didn’t use that one, there’s a pink little circle and if you saw another photo you would see that it’s more of a white slingshot. Another of the photos was a football with a rectangle hole cut in to it. It didn’t get popped because he didn’t cut the balloon thing in the inside of it. Two of the photos was the scene of him casting lead lego blocks. Four more of them were bits of the artwork, but one of them, I mean, one of the photos is the whole artwork. When I mentioned what was in the the artwork I forgot some stuff… a #car battery #potassium nitrate #hydrogen peroxide #acetone #aspirin #hexamine #citric acid #sodium bicarbonate #hydrochloric acid and that is all about Sunshine, Lollipops + Death!!!



The drawings are of Shea and of his friends. The video goes with the drawings. In the video is Shea and his friends with paint on their FACES and they’re printing by bashing their faces against paper. The paint comes off their faces and gets onto the paper. One of the prints that they made looks like Yoda from Star Wars.


Remember how I mentioned earlier that one of the print that they did looked like Yoda from Star Wars? You know how I just put in that picture? The one at the bottom on the far left is the one that looks like Yoda from Star Wars.






All these photos I just put in are of Shea making knives, well, k-nives. The process started like this, the knives used to be just files. Shea heated them up until they were not magnetic and then made it into a knife shape. It was while before they cooled down, they were very hot. In the process of heating it up he saved a lizard from getting melted up as well, getting it away from the fire and saved it. That was very nice of him to save that lizard. So the files started to get sanded and polished and sharpened. I think we should stop here on the process for now because there are no photos that have been taken of what happens next.

Broken plate

Broken plate

The broken plate is a very weird artwork. It is a smashed plate that has been glued back together and looks like it never got broken. Very weird.

Vomit down the street

Vomit down the street

Vomit down the street

The vomit pictures that are down the dark street are an ongoing series that Shea has been working on. It’s ongoing, so it’s not finished yet. It might even never be finished because of how ongoing it is. All the works in my opinion are spectacular! If you want, you can leave a comment on your favourite one, AND your favourite angle, and your favourite picture of it.

Volume battle

The volume battle! The volume battle is a fantastic artwork, well, another fantastic artwork. The artwork is a picture and there is a link which I will put down below to see the volume battle. Who is the loudest — a record player playing Dr Seuss or an organ playing dramatic music? Who will win? Check the link below!

The REAL volume battle

Explorer Tania

I call the photograph I just put up “Explorer Tania”. Remember how I put up a post about an artist named Tania? Well, that is the same artist! Tania is climbing up high! Where is she climbing?? Put what you think in the comments.

There are heaps of his photos on Shea’s Instagram. Check the link below for that.

Shea’s Instagram

My Head is a Radio

There Will Be Blood

I went to watch a big orchestra with about 100 people, and they had a program and some of the songs that were in the orchestra were made by Johnny Greenwood who is in Radiohead. And the orchestra I watched was from “There Will Be Blood”, a movie about oil. Not the oil you use for food, the oil you dig up from underground and they use these giant pump tube things to get it. So I used one of the programs, which had a picture of Johnny Greenwood, and drew a radio on his head. The knob that I drew adjusts how loud it is, one of the buttons makes the disc come out so you can put new discs in it, another of the buttons changes what song you’re on, another of the buttons makes it so that you can make it so you can tune it and the other one makes it off and on. I used a mechanical pencil with 0.5 lead, but not the metal lead.

The orchestra had very dramatic music. It started at 8 o’clock. It went for an hour and thirty minutes. Which means it ended at nine thirty.

The music that I just put in is not all of the music from the orchestra some of the orchestra was There Will Be Blood, some of it was from The Shining, a more popular film the Shining is.

Oooooooooooh, amazing!!! Some more music!!!!!! This time it’s some of the music from The Shining, the music I was just talking about! There will be weird bits of music.

Ooooooh, now I remember! There was another bit!! Called The Red Violin!! And I just put that video on it. Cool?

Oooooooooh!!!! Now I remember! There was another bit as well!! There was also Edgar Varèse’s Déserts! There was a video that went with the video I just posted up and the video was made by Bill Viola but I couldn’t find it on youtube.

And there was in intermission that went for twenty minutes. I spent ten minutes sitting in my seat. And the place that had it was in the city. And there was a round window!!! And the room was especially built for music to echo and bounce off the walls.

Melbourne Recital Centre

And it was called The Recital Centre, well The Melbourne Recital Centre. And that picture I just posted up that’s the Melbourne Recital Centre diagonal. I’m going to put a video of inside the Recital Centre.

I really liked the show! It was AMAZING!!!!!!! As you can see from most of the music from it. It’s a quite amazing show and very dramatic. It was, like, A M A Z I N G ! ! ! It was just amazing. The show just had, like, so many features.

And I’m going to post a Radiohead film clip. A very weird one.

Update Flickr

update flickr
I’ve updated my Flickr account. The stuff I’ve updated with is not digital. I’ve been using Fomapan 400 film — it’s black and white, or if you do it backwards white and black. There are all different shots, even ones that are connected together. Double exposures make them connected together? Yes! Isn’t that cool, or even awesome?


Finished Viper
Tania is one of my favourite artists and also a friend. She gave me some of her artwork because I swapped some of my artwork and a sheet of nori. And one of them is this “Unfinished Viper”, which is the snake that has some scales missing. And the other one is the “Finished Viper”. And then the other one is “The Rooster”. And the rooster and the snake and the other snake were all made on the computer then Tania printed them out and gave them to me. And then I scanned them and I also scanned Boy Wolf and put them in a folder and put them on my website, including Boy Wolf. Boy Wolf is a brand. But anyway, Tania made some Boy Wolf too, and also paintings, and colour-ins, and drawings, and sculptures, and stuff on the computer (like the stuff I’m reviewing), and she takes photographs, writes comics (well, I write comics too and maybe that’s why she writes comics), She’s also the person I borrow the light box off to make comics, and she is like amazing at taking Kodak Portra 800 film.

Based on the Chinese zodiac, Tania’s computer work is amazing. I haven’t got all of them yet. I’ve only got three parts of it. No actually I have four parts of it but I haven’t uploaded everything. The Chinese zodiac is this circle with twelve animals on it. I first thought it was nine animals.

Boy Wolf

Boy Wolf

My dad printed these kind of colour-ins, but they weren’t really colour-ins ’cause you got to draw their face. It turned into a big club. Drawing club. We sometimes have it, and we also have special editions like at the museum and stuff. One of them, well two of them, were like these bloody kind of zombies that had blood dripping out of their face. Two of them were superheroes, the kind of green one and the orangey red. And then there were two that were on fire! But we already talked about one, that was one of the zombie ones on fire. And then there were two with cross bones, but just so you know, we already talked about one of the ones with cross bones. It was one of the ones on fire. And dad made some.

Claymation drawing rough outline

Claymation drawing rough outline

Claymation is a kind of way to make movies and TV shows. But I am making a movie AND a TV show but the TV show isn’t claymation. This is just a rough idea of the claymation. The character in the drawing is one of the carnivorous plants that eats flies and poos out rainbows. But I don’t have enough clay for the rainbows yet. The end of subject.

The Skeleton of Death

The Skeleton of Death

The Skeleton of Death is not the creepiest of the pictures that I am uploading. I have been drawing a lot lately and the The Skeleton of Death is one of them. Some of them are unique and some are to do with a video game called Ape Escape.



Valley girl has a dumpster and she treats it really good. She puts lots of garbage in it for the dumpster’s dinner. Then he says, “thank you” and eats it all up.

Do you know why I haven’t been uploading many stuff on my website? Cause I have been going on adventures, splitting my face open, playing video games and having heaps of fun. Oh, and school.

Mad scientist’s potion lab

Mad scientist's potion lab

Mad scientist loves his potion lab.

Werewolf loves flower flag

Werewolf loves flower flag

Werewolf is in love with his flower flag. He doesn’t leave it there, he can’t help himself just staring at it!